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Improved weapons control increases accuracy with fast target acquisition. Shoot better!

The Weapons Ambidextrous Stabilization Platform (WASP™) grip is an easy-to-install bolt-on angled forward grip including an adjustable thumb paddle, adjustable pressure pad activator, and adjustable index finger retention surface. These features provide multiple-contact surfaces for improved weapons control, leading to greater accuracy, fast target reacquisition, and reduced fatigue.

  • Reduce Muzzle Rise
  • Reduce Fatigue
  • Reduce Training Time
  • Increase Accuracy

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The thumb paddle provides a mechanical advantage, controlling muzzle rise and barrel flip and allowing for improved accuracy and quicker target reacquisition.  The thumb paddle is movable between the left and right sides of the grip to accommodate left or right handed users and is adjustable between two positions on each side to accommodate small to extra-large hands.

The adjustable index finger retention surface provides a further contact point for controlling muzzle rise.  The index finger retention surface is adjustable to accommodate a variety of hand sizes.

The WASP™ grip further includes an integrated pressure pad activator sized to receive pressure pads from a variety of popular flashlights.  A detent screw is used to set the activation pressure of the pressure pad.

The WASP™ is designed for long arm rifles having a Picatinny rail or KeyMod with Picatinny attachment, such as AR-15 rifles and most direct magazine drop firearms.