The W.A.S.P. Grip

Faster target re acquisition and greater control over your firearm.
List of adjustable features:
  • Flowing Ergonomic Body Design
  • Simple Features and Grip Installation
  • Ambidextrous Adjustable Patented Thumb Paddles
  • Adjustable Index Finger Length Grip
  • Customizable Rear Facing Pressure Pad Bay 


Looking for a new product that is unlike anything else with a high profit margin?

SWAT Magazine

Lieutenant Colonel Martello pounds steel target with fast three-round bursts. X95 is stable and has negligible muzzle climb. Light muzzle makes rifle quite agile. WASP foregrip assists in gun stability, with support hand applying downward and rearward pressure from muzzle end of the weapon.

The VENOM Grip

Increased Accuracy, Reacquire targets faster and gain more control over your firearm

  • Patented Thumb Paddle
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Simple Installation


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Watch The Demo

The W.A.S.P and Venom angled forward grips provide greater control of the front end of the weapon, leading to greater accuracy, faster target re-acquisition, and reduced fatigue. The W.A.S.P and Venom significantly reduce barrel flip and muzzle rise, improving secondary shot accuracy in addition to many more benefits. These products are a leap in weapons handling technology.

How It Works

By changing the angle it changes the weight distribution of the firearm.

Looking for a new product that is unlike anything else with a high profit margin?


“Introduction to a company that has more than Profit in Mind. ForcexDesign is delivering an incredible feature of an angled foregrip but so Much More.”


“I used the Venom during 3-Gun Shooting competitions and improved my accuracy, timing, and magazine change times.”

-David Brewer, 
3-Gun Competitor

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