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W.A.S.P and Venom

FXD produces a state of the art weapons accessory line of products. The W.A.S.P and Venom are machines in design using multiple sciences to provide accuracy, faster target reacquisition, and reduced fatigue.  The benefits the W.A.S.P and Venom bring to the shooter range from mechanical adjustability, faster shot placement resulting in shooter lethality . With greater reduction of barrel flip to secondary shot accuracy these products are a leap in weapons handling technology.

                                                                 Accurate, Fast, Lethal

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FXD developed the W.A.S.P and Venom  working with multiple military and law professionals. The W.A.S.P design was taken from shooter grip and stance biomechanics,  kinesiology and weapons discharge physics. The product design is derived from real world applications and science.

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Force Multipled By Design has a Complete Line of Products to improve your Gross Weapons Mechanics performance:

  • Shotguns
  • SBRs
  • Rifles
  • Grenade Launchers

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Training Courses

Coming soon FXD will be offering beginner to advanced pistol and rifle tactical training courses.

We provide private facility training for military and law enforcement  programs. Please contact us for a list of training personnel and classes offered. The calendar and dates for advanced GWM classes will be made available for qualified applicants.

More info coming soon.

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