The W.A.S.P and Venom offer multiple grip styles provided by the FXD patented design.


                                                                         Gross Weapons Mechanics

The transitioning through adverse environments while utilizing  a fire arm is an ongoing learning curve for all shooters.

The core ability to efficiently utilize the weapon begins with weapons manipulation this drives accuracy shooting position awareness and core marksmanship.  this coupled with moving through adverse terrains, while trying to transitioning requires a skill set of versatility. The wasp and venom shorten that learning curve by providing scientifically designed piece of equipment that is a static machine addressing the ergonomic needs of the shooter.  takingin to account of the firearm discharge physics and the biomechanics of the shooters physical strengths of the ohysical location of the body in time to the discharge of the weapon.

The WASP accomplishes this by including multiple scientifically designed features to fit the hand. This this leap in technology increases accuracy while amplifying  transitional flexibility. The WASP is not only a training aid but a force multiplier in individual operational enhancement.

The W.A.S.P three point grip design allows the shooter the ability to mechanically integrate to the weapons platform. The ability to control the front the front of the weapon comes from the patented design.