W.A.S.P – Weapons Ambidexterous  Stabilization  Platform

Greater accuracy. Faster target reacquisition. And, capabilities you have never had before.

The W.A.S.P. angled forward grip provides tighter shot groups with shorter shot times. With the W.A.S.P. angled forward grip, there is a shorter transition time between secondary shots.  With the WASP, you get faster magazine changes and better weapons retention in a close quarters battle environment.  

The thumb paddle moves forward and back and rotates in a octangular socket. This allows the user to fit the grip to a desired length and rotate for driving a shotgun slide or even a SBR,  truly a task equalizer.

The index finger moves forward and back customizable in length, providing greater control to the shooter.

The pressure pad activator is integrated to the frame and provides a standardized location for indexing light operation. The internal detent allows for activation pressure setting.

Product Available 11/2018 on Texas-AR.com

FXD – Fast – Accurate – Lethal 


The Venom, smaller in size, has integrated features. The thumb paddle, lower grip and index finger combine to provide enhanced weapons performance.

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Product Available 10/2018 on Texas-AR.com