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Below are a few answers to the most common questions.

What is the extent of Warranty?

FXD will replace any WASP™ or Venom™ grip damaged under normal use, combat, or lost in a divorce. It does not include torch burns, chainsaw grooves, and battle-ax cuts.

What was the WASP™ grip designed for?

The WASP™ grip was designed for military and law enforcement. It includes adjustable features to adapt to a shooters hand and includes a pressure pad keeper to index light or laser activation.

How does the WASP™ or Venom™ grip give you greater control compared to other designs?

The WASP™ and Venom™ grips provide multi-axis control at the front of the weapon to provide increased accuracy, faster target re-acquisition, and new weapons mechanics. The grips reduce muzzle rise and barrel flip. In addition, the WASP™ and Venom™ grips’ ergonomic design reduces muscle fatigue and enable new weapons mechanics.

What separates these grips from other grips on the market?

The WASP™ and the Venom™ grips provide unprecedented front-end control of the weapon. The WASP™ and Venom™ grips include 3-contact surfaces: a thumb paddle, an index finger support, and a lower grip. No other grips on the market possess any of these features or advantages.

What is the Venom™ grip?

The Venom™ grip is smaller than the WASP™ grip. The Venom™ grip has an oversized contoured thumb paddle isolated index finger and a compact body wrapped in a sleek ergonomic design.

Where can I buy them?

You can purchase the Venom™ and the WASP™ grips on our Products Page from authorized dealers.